Ripe to rock

Hi everybody, I am 55 years old and start to rock in these days. Didn't know, that iis so satisfying to do those heavy sounds. Its a good way to loose daily preassure ;o).
I am in a band now, all amateurs. As I sang in popchoirs, gospelchoirs for many years, had 3 years singing course at a Pop teacher, distortion was not so much my thing, upto now.
New time has come ;o)
I struggle a little bit with my impatience ,but even do the course step by step.
Range is good, mixed sound works, open throat an diaphragma-support also.
As the Band formated 6 months before i joined, they startet with some Songs. So I learned something about Chris Cornell, Metallica. Up to now we are working on 4 songs: Be yourself, nithing else matters, Whiskey in the jar (metallica), keep on rocking the free world (krokus). I prepare also zombie (cramberries) and show ne how to live (my favorite). As my challenge, I take sometimes Crawling from linkin park, to see where I stand wirh my voice.
I use to warm up with the ktva-course for about 30-40 Minutes, daily different parts of it.
After that sing the songs with karaoke-version. All together takes about 60-90 minutes. I realiize, that something changed in the last weeks. And I think, in the right way.
Its not easy to realize changes in singing on my own, because covid made stop Band rehearsals. And I even struggle with this jamkazam-interface-thing.
Anyway: interesting Times...

My sons (both heavy-metal and rock fans and loyal wacken-visitors) nowadays do rockproposals to their mom and wait for my occur and tribute to Wacken.
Lets see 😎

Whats my Goal? Have a good, full sound and good distortion and keep the voice healthy. Get the daily pressure out of the body with rocking. Have fun on Stage (and do not dissolve with shame or got some tomatos in my face).

One Question: is there any extraxt made of the course for the daily warm up? Kind of different lesson-mixes to keep the daily voice construction?

Thanks for your time



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