COLLAB DEMO with Doc and Wigs. Stuck together from the musical of Catch me if you can.

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Myself and Marco started this course roughly the same time, I think he was a few months earlier than me and now I am just over 18 months in and he is just under 2 years. Both of us had very little singing experience before starting KTVA and we were both regular visitors and companions in the forum over time.

This collaboration was suggested probably well over a year ago, and it was some months from recording that I managed to get all the video together.

There are 3 stories being told here. The first is the obvious one that loosely follows the idea of the movie in that the detective and criminal become friends over time.
The second is a tribute to my friends and their story of love from their youth and how they grow up into adult hood to end up married. Incase you haven't realised, its their children in the beginning :smile:
The third is mine and Marco's story of our journey through KTVA with you all and how we found ourselves "Stuck together" through our singing journey. We were from opposite ends of the spectrum where Marco had a powerful chest but weak head and bridge. I had to work very hard to bring my weak chest up while bridging was fine.

And so now we are meeting in the middle slowly connecting everything to sing with the best voice we can.

I think I can speak for both of us that we are proud and a bit relieved to finally finish this and show you all.



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