HI, new here

have loved singing since i was about 8-9 yrs old. i remember falling in love with the concept of powerful singing listening to demons by imagine dragons at grade 4. i also fell in love with charlie puths angelic falsetto...spent 4-5 yrs singing that way(as it felt like the most natural way to ascend in pitch). but then discovering queen, i changed my mind and all i wanted to do was belt out 'mamaaaaaaa'(but couldnt, obviously). after listening to ken tamplin sing, i knew that he was one of THE best vocal coaches out there. thus, im here. hoping to improve my singing voice, doesnt matter if it takes me 10 years. cant pay for the course from my country(Bangladesh doesnt support PayPal), also none of my family owns a credit card. i wanna learn how to sing so that i can start writing some original songs, mainly for myself (i wont mind if anyone listens to them xD). so yea, thats it.

btw, im male, 17 yrs old, high baritone


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    Welcome to the forums, my names danny and I've been here for about a year.

    Ken has a lot of free content on the web and although it doesnt go into the depth and organization of his course, you can get a good lot of information from it.

    A warm welcome from Austin Texas

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    Welcome to the forums :smile: I hope this will be the start of a beautiful journey for you!
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