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Need Honest Opinions - Man In the Box from Alice in Chains

I've been doing the course for about a 4 weeks now
I took the last 2 weeks more seriously, practicing everyday and felt some improvements, I definitly need to work a lot ok the last two weeks to practice everyday, and also start to record my workouts to fix myself
I'm having problems finding my voice when I record I think its good, than I wait 30 seconds, listen again and start hating my voice again hahaha please give me some feedback



  • Chris82Chris82 2.0 PRO Posts: 594
    Vocals are way too low or the track is too loud in a lot of places, I'm having a hard time hearing anything but the belting parts. From what I can hear though it sounds like you did a pretty decent job on this song.
  • NicolasGralewiczNicolasGralewicz Member Posts: 42
    This is a good starting point (Four weeks? Congrats!) but I'm gonna give some constructive criticism so you can continue to impress ever better!

    It's a lil pitchy and sounds very tense. I'd recommend opening up your vowels more on those high notes and also getting into a bit more of a strong head-dominant mix since it sounded pushed. Also, watch Ken Tamplin's video on vocal distortion. For the pitch thing, just keep practicing scales and pay close attention to whether you're usually sharp or flat and work from there.

    However, despite the sound not sounding sustainable, it was good on the ears, just quiet down that mix. Overall, you're in a good starting point for your singing journey :)
  • vinizinbravinizinbra Member Posts: 6
    Hey @NicolasGralewicz and @Chris82 , thanks for the feedback! this motivates me a lot!
    @NicolasGralewicz you're totally right man, I think I'm pitchy to be honest I'm still a little insecure and even when I make my scales I think i'm sounding good, but when I record my scales and listen again I realise I'm still not sharp enough I'll practice more on that, will try to focus this week on getting the pitch right without consonants and will try to post some progress in the middle of the week or weekend,
    Thanks again! <3
  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    Grab your student access here


    If you stick with the course you will be able to do this song with alot more support and better tone :smile:
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