Stairway to heaven

Love this song, even if I don't know it well.
I kinda don't like my tone, any advice on anyway I can improve it?


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    I dont think there is anything wrong with your tone. You can practice trying to projecting your voice more to give it a bit more power and dynamics. Pretend whoever you are singing to is 10 or 20m away and they need to hear you clearly, just be mindful to not shout and get hoarse doing it :smile:
  • TessyijachiTessyijachi Member Posts: 34
    Ok sure
    Thanks for the advice.
  • TessyijachiTessyijachi Member Posts: 34
    Hi @coffeecrank
    Thank you so much
    Yes it makes a lot of sense.
    I recently noticed that I really do sometimes go too hard on some notes and I guess it's because I have a little bit of an accent as English isn't my first language.
    I think I also struggle to accept that my voice is kinda deep and I guess I wanted more of a feminine tone.
    Thanks for your help, have a great day🙃.
  • TessyijachiTessyijachi Member Posts: 34
    Hahaha, wish we could switch. Watching Ken's YouTube channel has made me fall slowly in love with classic rock and I might start to sing more of rock.
    I'm African, it's so nice to meet you ☺️
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    @Tessyijachi I really liked this! Keep at it your voice sounds wonderful already and will only get better with time!
  • TessyijachiTessyijachi Member Posts: 34
    Thank you so much😊, I'm glad you liked it. I feel like there will always be room for improvement, but I'm glad I'm beginning to like my voice.
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    You have a nice voice with a lot of potential! I would love for you to record the whole song with a backtrack at some point!

    I know the feeling of disliking your own voice, it took me quite along time to get used to enjoying mine. But it's mostly a matter of practice, both practising to improve your voice, and practising being less overly critical of yourself. One thing that can be a game changer is to ensure that your breath support really works for you, that way you will have much more control of your voice, and more strength behind it. Here is one tip a previous vocal teacher shared with me, that I've also shared on this forum;

    "I have one trick that you can try. This will make sure that your support doesn't fail you when you need it most. There's a point on your belly around three fingers' width below your navel. Stand close to a wall, and squeeze in a plastic bottle between the wall and this belly point, let the bottle cap press the belly point. Then, push your belly out, as you do your scales, and ensure that your belly is always tightened. Using this trick, your abdominal support will stay in place, no matter what, which will reduce the risk of strain in your shoulders or neck."

    I also really enjoy singing this song. Would you mind trying to do a duet?

  • TessyijachiTessyijachi Member Posts: 34
    Thank you so much. I'd love to record the entire song cause I love it so much, even though I've only heard it a few times. I did this recording on my phone's camera. I don't mind doing a duet, any ideas on how we can do that?
    Thank you for your advice, I'll be sure to try the abdominal support excercise. Have an amazing day.
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