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Attacking vocal break from different directions.

Hi all, Totally new here. Hope I'm in the right place.
Have a Q please.. I have a terrible vocal break when I sing with any volume above talking volume!
If I practice scales or siren type exercise at talking volume or quitter I have no break at all and can follow exercises beautifully! But if I try it even slightly louder the break is pretty extreme!
My question is am I wasting my time doing scales and singing very quietly? Is there any carry over to singing louder with regards to the break? Or should I try to get over this break by practicing louder with the 'ping' all the time? Or is it better to work at it with both methods?
Many Thanks.


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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,415
    Hi Cloppa, do you own the course? You should then register as a student, you will get much more info in the student's-only section of this forum.
    having said that:

    it is normal that you can only bridge smoothly at softer volumes, and by all means you should always only practice perfectly, so as to not teach yourself bad habits. in this case, you only sing as loud as possible WITHOUT breaking.

    ping at all times, yes, but not with a break. by mastering the breathing and open throat technique, you will be able to sing louder without breaking
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    CloppaCloppa Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for answering Klaus.
    I don't have the course yet.. Ken suggested I post the question here.
    Taking your points on board I shall try adding the ping to my 'quiet' voice and persevere.
    Thanks again.
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