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A few questions.

Is it bad to hold back when singing? I'm not talking about holding back from yelling or any of that, I mean when you do the excersises and stuff cause when I do them I try not to get too loud so everyone in the house can hear me, is that something you shouldnt do? Cause it seems like I tense up a little more when I hold back from incresing my volume. I pretty much practice scaling at a speaking volume and keep the same volume up and down, am I actually suppose to get louder when going up the scale? Also, they say your larnyx isnt suppose to move but mine moves slightly, not a lot, I've pretty much gotten past the keeping an open throat and not using my throat muscles but after a few hours of singing(around 6-7 hours of practicing while I do other stuff like chores), it begins to hurt, is that just over practicing?

I'm pretty sure its cause I do it wrong, but I cant sing loud for the life of me, lol. I can yell when I'm angry but I cant sing loud, I can't find the right way to use support. Last thing is, and this may be a dumb question, but when you scale, like do, re, mi or any of the vowels AH, OO, EE, ect, do you go up into the head voice or into your lower chest(like when you say the word hey out loud). This is confusing to me cause I can make a noise similar to my head voice when I go lower/higher pitch in my chest voice if that makes sence. I wasnt sure which way you were suppose to scale, basicly up into your head or lower, but higher pitched into your chest(falsetto?).

Any feedback would be appreciated. :)


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    You should hold back the breath, but not suppress the sound like you're afraid to let anyone hear you.  Those are two different ways of holding back.  Reduce the volume, but don't suppress.

    You don't necessarily get louder when you go up, but it takes a little more air pressure, and acoustically high notes SOUND louder.  You probably are getting fatigued after 6 or 7 hours, but that may be due to improper vocal habits.

    You sing in your chest voice, then into your mid or Call voice, then into head voice.


  • DonnieWittDonnieWitt Member Posts: 17
    So would one way to tell if I'm using support correctly is that I would feel the bottom of my throat projecting the sound as i breathe out? Cause that's what I feel but it starts to get sore after a while, at the larnyx. I stopped using my throat to sing a long time ago and I have an open throat now and I'm not raising my larnyx to sing like I did when I first started out about a year and a half ago or so but it still hurts after a while, does this mean I'm raising/lowering my chest voice too much using my larnyx? It doesnt hurt when I use my head voice.
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,320

    Use more support. If your throat hurts, you need to take the pressure you are placing on your throat and put that pressure instead on your abdominal support muscles.



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