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Hey guys, I just started the KTVA and I have a few questions.  

 Whenever I do the vowel modifications, it feels like I am yelling more then actually singing when I go through the scales.  Any tips/suggestions?  Does anyone else have this problem? It's kind of detering me to continue.  How long would one stay on the first disc?  Do we just use the practice cd for awhile or a combination of the dvd and cd?    Thanks guys, first time posting on this board, hopefully I can get some good feedback.  


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    I would have to hear a sample to give some solid advice. Singing up higher in our call register can seem like a controlled shout at first. Remember to do the exercises only as loud as you need to to manta in connection throughout your range. I know when I first started out I didn't realize how loud singing has to be in order to bridge through the first passagio of the voice. I had trouble singing a D4. Support may be the issue for you allowing yourself to be a little louder may not be a bad idea as long as you are following the principles Ken lays out.
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    Welcome, nick,


    As Scott says, Call register, which is the upper reaches of chest voice, can be a shouty version of upper mid chest.  If you lighten up in that range, it can sound less like a "Call". 

    We do want to use the Call and the vowel mods if we are trying to stretch chest voice.  The mods help us to stretch it more.  If we want to bridge into head voice, then it will no longer be in call register, and will not sound so shouty.

    I recommend everybody spend a MINIMUM of six weeks on Stage One, just to ensure that you've really got it drummed into your brain AND your body.  Muscle memory is very important. 

    I recommend you do the audio workout over and over again.  Periodically go back and watch the video and you will always notice something you overlooked in the past, but your main tool to grow your voice is to take the information provided in the videos and apply that information in your audio workouts.  Do the audio workouts as much as you possibly can.  These workouts will grow your voice.  Do them correctly, just like Ken shows you.



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    Ok, I just started back up with KTVA. 2nd Day into it.  I was curious if there are anyways of making sure I stick with it this time?  Anyone have any tips on how to keep themselves accountable/motivated to keep going?  Especially when the singing doesn't go the way you like? Thanks!
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    You should sign up for Strainer's Anonymous and take the pledge. 

    It was started in the Pro section, but I moved it here http://kentamplinvocalacademy.vanillaforums.com/discussion/3488/s-a-strainer-s-anonymous#latest

    because I think both seasoned Pro's and new singers alike have a lot in common when it comes to straining and bringing our poor singing habits along with us.

    Everybody take the Pledge.


    Hi, I'm  (Your Name Here).  I'm a strainaholic.

    This is a good time to figure out what you need to leave behind that is not helping your voice, and what you are going to do to promote Open Throat technique and leaving strain and pinching behind for good!


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