It has been a while and now ...

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Good day,
I was away due to a real bad issue with my throat in February. Fever of 104, in bed for 2 weeks. Violent caught so violent that I thought my lungs were going to pop out. After all that for a month I started to be sensitive to smell, like perfume, cleaning detergent, some food, some spices, and the list go on. Tried a few things, then this nasty 19 comes out. With the help of a Naturopathic Doctor, she gave me a few things to start with and one of them was an immune booster with something for the throat. I started to feel better and sensitivity started to get better, over a 3 month period. Still, today, I have to be careful. I try to stay away from public places. Alright, that is enough of that.
Today I received an email from Ken and it was about voice repair. I was thinking for the last month if I should restart my singing lesson and here is this. Right away I enrolled. Now, first thing is to follow all these videos and when throat better, go back to the singing class.
Have a great day.


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