2 versions of the same song

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    I think you did a really good job on this! Pitch and tempo were right on the money. I would say only that I'd like to hear more grit/distortion in your voice on this song but I'm not sure what volume your on right now and not sure if grit is something you've worked on before. Billy adds a lot of grit into his singing on this song, for example the "Turn Out The Lights" part at 1:10 Billy adds a lot of grit to that phrase that you were lacking.

    I can hear the slight difference between the two versions. The second version sounds like you added a bit more nasal resonance in there and to be honest I think the second version sounds better and brighter than the first version, but both were well done!
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    @Michael4000 Another vote for version 2 here. As Chris said, the difference is slight, but it sends brighter. Nice job on the song.
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    @Chris82 @Mysti @coffeecrank thanks for the feedback. It's funny, here I was thinking that they sound drastically different, but I guess that's just to me cause I'm singing it.
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    I gotta admit I was expecting very different versions as well but they sounded very similar. The first version sounded like you were modding or swapping vowels unnecessarily, the second sounded more natural. I could hear times in both where you went off pitch, mainly on the bigger notes, either too much weight or not being able to properly control the sound. It sounded to me like you tried to make the sound really big and were maybe forcing your lower chest voice too much.
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    @Wigs thanks. How do you think it sounded overall?
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    I only did a quick listen of each the differences seemed subtle but I may not have listened to enough of the song. The second version did sound a little better. I like the way you captured the billy Joel tone this is a good song for you. When do the shows start man?? Oh yeah, and what do you think?
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    Have to admit if you wouldn´t have told me then I would have thought its one version.
    I even looked up twice the urls in my browser to make sure I am really listening to 2 different versions.

    So I can´t say which one i like more.
    Overall: To me it sounds like you struggle sometimes in the higher parts. They sound like they don´t come with an ease.... a bit "pressed out". And like always I miss some emotions in your singing. Its sounds to me a bit like the one who is singing this is bored of the song...
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    @sjonrokz4u @shining thanks for this feedback. Maybe more emotion will come once i start running through the entire set to practice. Right now I'm focusing a lot on one song at a time so yes I'm probably getting a little bored of it. Maybe shows next year??
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    Overall it sounds about halfway worked out. Maybe come back to it after a while so you feel more refreshed.
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    @Michael4000 I liked version 2 the best because I like your voice when it is more natural right now because you have such a goodness and clear tone that comes through it just endears me to you and I could listen to you all day! It just makes me feel good.
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