"Forever Young" Late Bloomer Going After Her Dreams (with "before" singing samples)

Hi everyone! My name's Tanisia. I'm 40 years old, and I'm SO excited to begin the KTVA course! Every time I've come to the KTVA website and looked at the videos and testimonials, I felt like a kid looking through a store window at the best, shiniest bicycle in the world.

Background: Was always active in music during school and in church. Taught myself how to play piano in middle school, was taught sight singing by my choir teacher in 7th Grade. Grew from there to playing four-hand piano with my high school teacher and composing songs of my own. Then "life" happened & derailed my aspirations for the longest time.

I got inspired to pursue my music again after watching Adam Lambert on American Idol (Yes, I'm a rabid Glambert!). "Life" and the death of my mother-in-law, mom and dad (within the past three years, one each year) still challenged me, among other "adventures," but I'm in a much better place now to finally be able to get back on track.

Today I took a baseline recording of where I am in my progression. I've been practicing with "Singing Success" (I know I know!) for the past two years, but got frustrated with not having better control over my voice. My vibrato is sort-of there but still crunchy-sounding to me, and my breath control still sucks, so my vocal control isn't where I'd like it to be.

Here are my "before" recordings on Soundcloud. (I recorded myself on my iPhone, using "VocaLive" and the iRig Mic. There's some echo/reverb on the tracks, like I did it in a studio, so my apologies for the sound distortion.)

"Bleeding Love" : http://snd.sc/13FlvKZ
"Halo": http://snd.sc/YJmvcy
"Forever Young" (song from "Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation", a favorite song of mine): http://snd.sc/YJmx43

My dream is to be able to sing these three songs in a much better tone! I also want to sing "Ave Maria" to honor my mom. She used to sing, too, and performed in community theater. "Ave Maria" was her favorite song, and someday I'd like to sing that song in her memory.

I've just finished downloading all of my materials, and am going through Volume 1. I'm already PUMPED to get started practicing. Wish me luck!


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    Hello, Tanisia,

    And Welcome to your new singing home!  Come on into the store, there are plenty of wonderful, shiny bikes, I mean vocal techniques, inside just right for you!

    You are correct in your statements that more control on support and vibrato will have a stabilizing effect on your voice and help to develop and grow your tone.  You have a decent range and your pitch seems to be pretty accurate.  Any issues there will also be improved with the all-important ever-present need to build and improve SUPPORT.  You sound nice just coming in the door, and I promise you, you are going to like what is about to happen to your voice!

    Leave all your SS and SLS (yeah, you know) at the door, and just give it all up to what Ken tells you and shows you in the videos and the audio workouts.  Do the workouts night and day, and you will grow your voice like CRAZY!

    We're PUMPED to hear what you're going to be sending our way, and I look forward to your eventual Ave Maria tribute to your Mom.  That's going to be way cool.


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    Hello Tanisia!

    I decided to leave a comment cuz I'm also a Glambert and Adam is also who inspired me to really look into vocal training. I, too, spent a long time with SS and got no result. Throw that garbage out of the window now... (okay again i shouldn't say that because it must have helped SOME people) KTVA will help you way more.
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