My name is Michael and I need some advice

Hello, my name is Michael; I'm 20 years old and I am a Michael Jackson tribute artist. I joined the forums to hopefully gain some insight from someone who has used Ken's "How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else 2.0" DVD set. I have wanted to incorporate live singing into my MJ tribute act and I have had peers say that I sound like Michael Jackson when I sing. That being said, I have no formal vocal training. I have been considering Ken's DVD course but am unsure which set to order for what I am hoping to achieve out of it. I would need to learn the fundamentals of singing but would later down the road need to work up to more advanced vocal techniques such as strengthening my head voice to better aid in my 'MJ sound.' Any advice or insight is appreciated and welcome. Thank you all!


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,406
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    hi, i suggest you try Kens' free youtube exercises, see if you like it and can commit to (near) daily practice. on my profile page, there is a routine you can try. i did that for a few weeks, before i decided to get the course. if you are consistent, you should notice some improvement after a few short weeks. i recommend the course with the pro packs, in case you decide to buy it. which you should do, if you are serious about singing :)
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    I second what @Klaus_T says. Try the free vids, and then if you decide on the course the pro packs is the way to go!
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    Thank you both for your input! I'll give the free lessons a try first and go from there.
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