My second cover here for far.

Like the title states, this is my second cover. I am covering This Charming Man by The Smiths.
I recoding this numerous times to try to get the words to sound more natural, and I am not sure if what I was doing conflicted with the Ken T is teaching regarding vowels. I tried to sing is in a lower pitch but ended up singing in the original key. It is not too high for me anymore. I am not too happy with my tone. I am trying not to stray away from the volumes, and there are a lot of stuff so I could be wrong, but I don't think there are tone exercises.


I am still getting used to recording as well, so the final result of this audio is not the best.


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    The exercises themselves will help to improve your tone if you follow exactly what Ken says and does as he demonstrates. I hear what you are talking about in your demo and its all fixable.

    I think you should load your scales the same way others have done in the student area, chest out the categories new student demos and ah vowel for examples. We can tell you much more about your technique through them 👍🏼
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