Progressive Rock band seeks female singer

Hello friends!

Excuse me if I don't express myself correctly, I don't speak English very well…
I start writing this announcement at 11:52 in Barcelona and I know it will be a very long announcement. So I apologize if it is too long. What I am looking for is hard to find and is very valuable to me. So I want to open my heart and explain everything beyond some technical requirements that you all have.

I have composed a 4-hour Rock Opera and I am looking for quality musicians to take this project to the top. The style could be classified within Progressive Rock. It is an online project with musicians from all over the world.

The opera is called "Zelest" which is a variation of the Catalan language word "celest" which means heavenly. It shows the dark sides of humanity, but it also shows the good side of people and gives hope and strength to achieve the good.

The musicians, for now:
Eric Gillette (guitars). USA. 35 years. Eric is the guitarist for The Neal Morse Band.

Senri Kawaguchi (drums). JAPAN. 23 years! Senri is a "Drummer Manga" and a "Drummer Jazzie".

Dani Winter (keyboards). SPAIN. 49 years. I am the oldest and the worst musician of all, but you will have to bear me. I'm from the old school ... I haven't studied music in any school and I've played in dozens of clubs where they throw anything but money at you ... More than a musician I've been an adventurer.

This fusion of styles and “ways of seeing music” makes Zelest begin to show his own sound. We lack something that for me must be superior to the instruments and that is the voice. No instrument can imitate the human voice. A friend of mine who was a painter told me that "art is doing what you want with absolute freedom". That is why, in this project, I give musicians absolute freedom without rehearsing anything, we do not intend to sound like a certain group, we let everything emerge during the journey and during the time that is where the music moves. I simply put a landscape to walk through. In short, with the musicians I do not speak of notes, I speak of feelings and I tell them to do what they want.

For this reason we want the singer to be a creative person. There are melodies in the songs, but we want the singer not to be forced with them and to be able to do it from her heart. The letters are in the Catalan language and will have to be adapted well to the English language, so it is necessary to search, not only for the sound of the words, but also for the meaning of what can be read between the lines. We are a rock band and we want to hit the bad people with guns, we want to hit the bad people with a giant hammer. But we will do it in an elegant and classy way.

We want the singer to be a warrior who shows us how someone can be strong on her own, we want the singer to hug us and accompany us when we are sad. That is why we are looking for an optimistic, dreamy and hard-working person. But above all, we want a person obstinate in giving a message and who has his own charisma and does not get carried away by anything or anyone. We are looking for a person who is beyond good and evil. If evil is hate its opposite can never love because love has no opposite.

Records, dynamics and technique… You are all very good.

Being pragmatic… We are going to have to work online with the translation and meaning of the lyrics and after a few tests with the melodies we will try to find the limits of the voice and we will create a line of choruses that in the live performance we will perform all or part of the musicians. There are hard rock songs, opera, acappella, canonns etc.

We start with “Prelude” which is a simple song and with which we should close the task of looking for musicians.

My manager in Spain will start the commercial tasks to show "Prelude" in the market. At the same time we will continue working on the project with more songs and when we reach 40 minutes long we will start showing it live. Working in this way, for now, makes us go quite slow and has the burden that many musicians are professionals and cannot spend all their time with us. I imagine that depending on the response of this song things can change. Anyway, we are not the first to do it, The Neal Morse Band has its Rock opera divided into 2 periods, two double albums ...

Well, I prefer not to think about goals and be happy along the way. In these times, where on the internet there are hundreds of videos where they show us "how to deconstruct a song" we are showing videos of "how to build a song". That is Rock, hammering the negative.

Masakazu Kimura, Zelest's sound engineer and Senri's manager, told me that I shouldn't have uploaded the drum recording if the song wasn't finished. I told him why he had, but that the decision to remove it was his. He replied quickly:

Hi Dani
I understood for your thought.
You don't have to delete the video.

Well, I am sorry that this announcement was so extensive, but it had to be because we are not looking for a television star, we are looking for a rocker!

A hug friends!

Here is the link to the drum recording of “Prelude”

Interested parties contact danibbayona@hotmail.com

It is 13:00 in Barcelona.
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