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Hi there,
My name is Marty. I emailed Ken on his business account, but I don’t know if he’ll respond. I decided to give this forum a go because what have I got to lose. Anyway, I came over after purchasing Robert Lunte’s “four pillars of singing” light version. I tried three separate times to do the workouts and other content, but I could not get past the cracking. I feel that if I can just learn how to bridge and connect decently, I can go back and learn the other techniques he teaches. Every time I get to my break, I either crack,
Choke, or skip the note(s). I know ALOT about singing because I studied Roberts course like a mad dog. However, he doesn’t seem to talk about diaphragmatic support and the importance it possesses. I trust Ken because he is a phenomenal teacher and I know he will give me some valuable information. Thanks

P.S. should I post my question at the general singing?


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