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Hoarseness (also called dysphonia)

So recently I went to the ENT doc for the first time because my voice has been hoarse with alot of extra mucus for the past few months. It caused issues with middle, falsetto and head voice. He ran the scope down my nose and said my sinuses are good, no polyps but the back up my throat near esophagus was swollen. He put me on prescription pepcid saying I must be having reflux at night. I went to primary and he said my symptoms aligned with dysphonia. He said watch what you eat before bed, put me on pantoprazole and said hopefully in a month the acid will reduce and inflammation should go down. What does it feel like? kinda like you a little chest congestion mixed in with the symptoms of dysphonia. Now mind you I never have done much vocal warm ups (i know i should I am getting older) and been pushing my voice to hard recently so some of it I am to blame. What do you recommend from your experience? Any natural, rest or vocal exercises I can do besides the stuff from the doctor? I eat a 3/4 vegan 1/4 meat diet. Blood work is perfect.


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    Ken has many YouTube videos about vocal health and some include acid reflux. There is also his new vocal health course. I don't have it but I'm sure it's got heaps of good info and exercises you can do while recovering your voice.
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