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I bought the Ken Tamplin program last year, but am finally just now getting started with it. I've been singing for fun for about three years. It started at a friend's karaoke party, and I realized just how much I love to sing. During those three years, I took lessons with two different teachers. I made some improvements, but I wasn't getting the results I wanted with either of them. My biggest weakness is and has always been strength and power in my voice. I still don't understand proper breathing technique and I still strain from my throat, especially when going higher. I just cannot grasp the concept of not singing from the throat. I also struggle with vowel shapes, mostly because I was taught two completely different techniques by the two teachers I studied with. My biggest strength is that I have excellent pitch and don't have to worry about hitting the correct notes. At least I have that...

At this point, I want to understand how to breathe correctly and really gain some power in my voice. I have a low voice for a woman, and sometimes I don't know how to make my chest voice sound good. It just sounds like I'm talk-singing, if that makes sense. And my voice cracks just like a guy's when I strain too high! Those are all things I want to improve. My favorite music to sing is classic rock, '80s hair rock, grunge, and metal. I'm looking forward to learning and making improvements here!


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    Welcome 🙂 using proper support and air management with vowel mods is a big key to help you achieve what you want. It can be done, and you can get that power! You'll become very familiar with these things in time if you stick it out.
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