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Sustaining note problem

I had this range of up to c5 (and yes currently working chest voice first) and I can reach it no problem, but sustaining them is really difficult. Sure doing straight Lah for sometime is easier, but when it comes to actual singing, its gets really difficult, especially the E vowel (EEE) and O (Ooooo). It constricts my throat not so much but it prevents me from sustaining those notes with ease. I need the exercises of vowel modification, to further open my throat and sing with less tension and breathing. The problem is, where should I begin on vowel modif? Can everyone here recommend me some exercise here? and ofc advises. Thanks in advance


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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    I don't know if there are any of Ken's videos on YouTube where he goes through them all, that is all in the course so I can't go into them here. @Klaus_T has a list of the free videos he used before purchasing the course on his page you can check out to make a workout of.

    I'm able to get my voice up to a G5, but if a song has a C5 in it then I still struggle as well. Using your full range in a song is very difficult until you have ALOT of practice and experience under your belt.
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    elijah21_Pasionelijah21_Pasion Member Posts: 7
    Update: I tried compression. its flawless. Still got some growl on my voice as a result but I can sustain it a lot better now. The tension I'm talking about, doesn't go away, but its around my front face not my throat itself, so yeah the remaining obstacle would be the pain of that but I thinks that better to put that in your mouth than the throat itself and forcing my diaphragm to send more air which is actually way more dangerous than a compression.
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