I’m like a kid again

HotmessHotmess 2.0 PRO Posts: 1
Hi I’m Mike and my whole life I wanted to sing, not just sing but I wanted to be a rock star (they seem to have the most fun). I am now 44 and I realize it’s probably not going to happen, however the urge to sing is still festering inside me. I am the lead singer in 2 local bands (1 does strictly originals and the other does covers). My favourite singers include Sebastian Bach, Paul Rogers, David Coverdale, Chris Cornell etc. I have wanted this course now for a long time and just got it for Father’s Day/ birthday. I quickly reviewed the first few videos and am excited to get started. I am turning an office into a studio for practicing. I know I’m going to benefit from this in a big way. I also play the guitar so I know this isn’t going to happen right away which is good because I know I have poor technique and no formal training so I need to relearn from the beginning. Thanks for providing such a detailed course for a fraction of what it’s really worth!


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