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The OO (Like in who) vowel modification on the AH vowel

I'm having a really hard time trying to sing in my upper middle register with full voice chest voice.
Ken says that the last vowel mod on the AH vowel is the OO (Like in who) sound, but I just don't know if I'm doing it right. I can sing well and sometimes with no effort up to a G4 and sometimes G#4 with the OOH (Like in hook) vowel mod, but when it starts to get to that A4 and higher, I start to feel a bit of strain in my voice and cracks happen sometimes when I try to make the OO vowel mod.
I know that I can sing up to a D#5 in chest, but with a bit of strain, so I know that I can hit the notes, but just don't know how to do it consistently and more safely.
I did practice a lot of support, in how it should feel singing with support instead of just the throat.
When I see Ken doing the scales in his videos, I see that his mouth doesn't move and he says that the change in the vowel mod happens in the back of the throat.
Please, can someone tell how to do the OO vowel modification the right way, and explain how it should feel in the back of the throat or vocal tract.

Thanks a lot! :)


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    Hello, @LuccaMattera

    You are getting some of these modifications descriptors backwards. Who is Ooh. Look is oo. We have to keep things straight in order to reduce confusion.

    You are getting into the nuts and bolts of the KTVA method. These are the things we explain in detail in the students sections of the forums. We have entire sections of the student forums that go into depth on each aspect of Ken's methods. We do not disclose every detail of the course in the public areas.

    If you are a KTVA student, then you can get a student upgrade for your forums account. Here is a link for KTVA Students to request student access:


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