National Search - Lead Vocalist

ITLLZITLLZ Member Posts: 1
This is the opportunity of a lifetime!
One of you; will have the audience in the palm of your hand within the first 30 seconds after hitting the stage - night after night.
One of you; will be on our new album that the entire world will hear.
One of you; has been ready and waiting for this, your entire life.
One of you; is as unique and charismatic as Robert Plant, Ann Wilson, and Chris Robinson.
One of you; is sincere and humble enough to front this band.
One of you; has a powerful voice that can match my guitar.
One of you; will be the next singer for In The Light of Led Zeppelin.

In the Light of Led Zeppelin - A Symphonic Zeppelin Experience
Send your audition tapes to: info@inthelightledzeppelin.com

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