Hello from a progressive rock/metal/jazz guy from Sweden!

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Wanted to say 'hi' and say a little about myself.
I'm a guy in his mid 20:ths who have been playing guitar since the upper level of elementary school (self-thaught mostly), with early influences like John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Jorn Viggo Loftstad (Pagan's Mind) and a few more. In later years, I've been more into the composition of songs rather than just "playing amazing solo's" and thus the influences have shifted alot from great guitarplayers to people that I think can make amazing songs (people from bands like Frost*, Pain of Salvation, Karmakanic, TOOL, Flower Kings and a lot more).
Here is a link to an instrumental song that I wrote quite a few years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhdSU6KnDtI

I've written a few new songs that I also want to include singing into and made the decision to try to sing myself, and I hope that KTVA can help me here. Judging by recordings of myself that I have, I have a quite good pitch but sound more like a "hockey-choir"-guy than a good singer, atleast on higher pitch with more "power".

Btw, for those that reads this and knows; is it common to think that your voice sounds completely crappy at the beginning of these courses (either "hockey choir" if using to much power or "froggy"/"yodely"/"puberty voice change" when trying to go soft with transitions between chest and head voice)?



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    Welcome to the course and forums :smile: I can tell you that almost everyone that hears their voice for the first time either singing or just speaking really hates it! Completely normal, but the more you listen to yourself and practice the more tolerable it becomes until you start to actually enjoy the way you sound. Cool guitar playing as well!
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