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Hello fellow classmates. My name is Sambo, 17 years old, male. I made a lot of dumb decisions and mistakes in my life, but all I wanna do is to learn. I Am currently living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia ( so come visit our Angkor Wat sometimes, you might have heard of it before).
My goal is to connect with MILLIONS of audience around the world with my music. I still have no clue how to do it except having a good voice, BUT I will not stop until I score that goal.

Funniest thing I have done today is I managed to touch C6 for the first time in my life, with open throat, good support, no tension, though a bit flutey. Thanks to KTVA. My highest chest note right now is A4, highest head voice is F#5( bright ping ), and lowest note is G2. I shot down some moving targets but I still have a lot of bad singing habits that need to be changed.

I got this course primarily to adopt better, healthy habits and learn new techniques for my voice. I have done vocal training on YouTube for the past 7 months and my highest note at the time was a D5, my highest chest was F4 ( with straining ). And I practiced everyday with bad techniques. Some how, I did not damage my voice, but I lost my voice many times over. I joined KTVA around 2 months ago and it changed everything about what
I thought was right about how to sing—I cant believe I thought shouting for notes was the right thing to do. * Cringe*

I was given a great gift from Ken— actually from my parents but you too Ken for this amazing course. I CANNOT express my happiness enough. I’m still working hard but having more fun than feeling worked.

Thanks Ken

From Sambo


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