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Hi. As you know my speaking voice is low pitched and noticeably not bright  to hear in crowd/public (even if i go higher). So my goal is not only to be a professional singer,  also,i want to get that bright speaking voice. I think my range is kind of grown but i don't know how to change my speaking from low to high, and get used to it as well. I know it's going to be a tough task to achieve , but i still want you to give me some advice. Ken said that he was bass-baritone and sounded deep obviously (well i don't really know that but now he sounds higher, like many rock stars) , and now he talks in high pitch and anyone can hear him, even in public. So do i need to work on my speaking voice/pitch or i can just wait like Ken and it will change as my range grows?. 
 I'm on volume 2 and i'm belting to grow the middle section of the voice. Also i don't want to be a heavy rocker like Ken. I want to be a pop and light rock singer. (like the female singer Kelly Clarkson)  

So how do i change my speaking voice?should i just wait till it comes naturally, with those exercises, as my range grows over the time? or should i start work on it? 


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    voodoovoodoo Pro Posts: 250
    The first that you want to do is examine how you actually talk from a mechanical standpoint.  Most of the population talks in a relaxed state with a mostly closed mouth/ throat, slumping posture, etc., the same things that make up bad singing.  It's just the way almost everyone grew up and of course it can be changed.

    Maybe you'll notice that when someone gets happy/ excited/ surprised their tone becomes brighter and their volume increases.  It's really some of the same things happening that you'll want to make sure you're doing: good posture; take in a little more air (good support works for speaking as much as singing); smile a little; and keep the throat open.  Work that KTVA ping in a bit and you should be on your way.

    Record yourself talking and hear what you want to change, if anything.  Great speakers manipulate volume, tone, and inflection just like great singers do.

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