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VOICE REPAIR COURSE - Little hoarseness and draw back after 4 weeks

Hello everyone
I bought the voice repair course, and only a few sessions after doing the first 3 or 4 exercises everyday, i felt an improvement, and so I began to do the whole exercises. My voice started to feel a little tired, so i returned to practice only from the "lip drill" till the "sliders" exercise (excluding this one). Later on, I felt better again and tried the whole thing again, and it felt really good, being able to do the course everyday with clarity and ping in my voice, for at least a week, even using only my chest voice in the last two exercises...
But now, as I'm finishing the 4th week of practice, I started to feel a little hoarseness (not in my talking register, only if I need to speak a little louder), and I can´t do any of the exercises from start to finish without losing phonation in some parts, as if I need to use more air so the sound comes clear (I don't do it, but that's the feeling I get).
I feel this specially on the lower notes, but even in the middle or in the higher ones it doens't sound pristine clear as it did before, and like I said before, some notes don't even come out...

As anyone experienced this?
Should I stop for a day or two, or continue, since the purpose is exactly to bring back the ping?
I think I'm doing the breath quite allright (I never run out of air, even in the "ayyh-aaahhh" exercise, I can combine the two even when Ken stops to say "take a breath", I wait for the "ah" part still singing). I'm not sure if my glotal compression is ok, but at least, as i can sustain the sound for very long and I'm doing the exercises with really low sound, I presume I'm not doing it all wrong...

So, I would much appreciate some answer to this question, as though I'm not a singer, I love singing everyday at home (I needed to stop when I started to feel hoarse, that's why I bought this course), and I hope I can return to it.

Thanks a lot for your help,
Great singing to you all
Pedro Teles


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    BlackBoltBlackBolt Member Posts: 3
    Ok I would like to tell you an experience I had. I got mad one time and I yelled at the top of my lungs and I did something terrible but the recovery was hell. I referred to Ken Tamplin‘s Video he had on glutathione. But when I did the research I bought one that was called reduced glutathione. I did light R&B singing as well as country during the process but my range was not even two octaves. I took The regimen for one month but I also every other day took a extra thousand milligrams. But unfortunately I bought the cheaper stuff that’s why I think it may have taken that long but I think the process is better when you do it the long way versus the short way of trying to heal it too fast. But please consult your doctor before you take any of the above due to some people may have a allergic reaction. Also the other step I took was drinking lots of PH 10 water because believe it or not it reduces the acid on your vocal folds before you sing because To me it felt like my vocal folds let me sing longer overtime before the scars got stressed to where my vocal folds stayed dry before the day was over. But reduced glutathione and water is your best friend and try to stay away from anything that has acid in it. But the only reaction I got from glutathione was that seems like I was clearing my throat more often because it was healing scars. But if it hurts don’t sing. But I can say I’ve almost got my voice back cause sometimes these things can take up to 6 months or more to heal. Also anything that promotes liver health promotes a lot of healing in your body. I hope this helps cause this did work for me.
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    PedrotelesPedroteles Member Posts: 8
    Hi, thanks a lot for your suggestions
    I’ll try to see if it works for me
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