Conquest of the Passaggio!

Hi fellow KTVA-ites!

This is my very first post here and my first singing post, so you could say I'm being extra bold by posting a song here.

But first a story. I have always loved music and, like Ken, I started out on guitar (and trumpet), and Jimmy Page was one of my great guitar heroes. I have always loved singing and secretly dreamed of becoming a singer, but my voice was never consistent. I would have those magical times when it seemed I could sing virtually any song I wanted and other times that my voice would just choke. So about three years ago I started the Singing Success program and I was super stoked by the results. Seemingly overnight I went from being unable to sing above around an E4 to suddenly singing E6s without too much trouble as long as my voice was warmed up!

The problem is, what I gained in range, I lost in power. Singing Success teaches you to flip out of chest voice very early into head voice and trains you to sing VEEEERRRYYYYY light. While my voice wasn't bound up like it was before, I missed the power I used to have.

The other major problem is that Singing Success doesn't address the PASSAGGIO problem. In the Singing Success system, there are what are called "bridges" that occur every half an octave past the first bridge. And as long as your singing light and releasing every half an octave then you're doing okay. And you can hit some really high notes with relative ease. But what happens when you want to add more chest and power into the sound? The minute you hit the passaggio, you're done!

So when I went to record this song, which is the Gregorian Monk version of Conquest of Paradise, I found that when I tried to "release" into the higher part of the chorus it just sounded gutless and wimpy. Yes, the notes were there, but there was no intonation or presence to it. It sounded nothing like what I heard in my head.

So I started using Ken's program shortly thereafter to grow the power in my voice. After about six months of training I tried again to record the song and found myself able to fully connect through the passaggio and up into the higher passages with absolutely no trouble or strain and with more power than I'd ever had, and a pretty good intonation as well!

Thank you eternally and big Kudos to you Mr. Tamplin!!!

Now about the song, this is my own arrangement. In the original there is no chorus, I added that in myself. I also sing it way chestier than the Gregorian Monks, who sing it in a really heady quality.

The link is on a KTV app, and you may have to sign up as a member to get it to play, or at least try a different browser if the song doesn't start playing.

I put two links, the first one is my version and the second is the "base track" that I recorded with the backing vocals. Anyone is welcome to sing with me on the "base track" version if you'd like.

It's on a Chinese app, so don't be weirded out by all the Chinese (I'm a Chinese to English translator BTW).

There are still some pitch issues, which I'm aware of, but if anyone has any advice or feedback, I'd love to hear it.

http://kg.qq.com/share.html?s=N6q_SoNnBFz6DNRv (fast forward about 30 seconds to where I start singing)

https://kg3.qq.com/node/play?s=u3wDyvuRTCIFfuZ0&shareuid=66999a81262a348d3c&topsource=a0_pn201001006_z11_u447437368_l0_t1597677905__ (base track with backing vocals)


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