chest voice / mixed voice

QuamyQuamy 2.0 PRO Posts: 1
Hi, I've been working on the KTVA program for eight months, I really feel improvements month after month, and I would totally recommand it for anyone looking for a complete and progressive voice preparation and support !
I have a question concerning the chest voice exercices : in levels 1 and 2, we start a first set in chest voice with more volume, and then do the exercices with a lower intensity, but I feel like I switch in mixed voice in both at the same spot (that spot has moved since I started the program of course), should it be different ? When I try to pull the chest voice and use the vowel mods a bit later, my voice gets tired quicker, so I guess it's not good. I keep trying to stay in chest voice as long as I can, at least to start the triads or scales, but with the vowel mods it shifts in mixed voice easily : should I keep up this way (which seems pretty natural in fact) ?
Thanks for your advices ! Love to be part of the team :)


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