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Hey there! I have a doubt that confuses me a lot. What are the things that I need to improve? I'm currently facing tongue tension and high larynx issues. Except that, I can sing high notes pretty well but you might've guessed it strains my vocal cords since I have tongue tension. I can do the riffs and runs. I can do falsetto pretty well. I can also sing till a G6 but well...it strains my voice.

Can you tell me some other things atht I need to improve? Because I don't know what I need to know. And also can you suggest some vocal exercises for neutral larynx and tongue tension? It would really be helpful.


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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,406
    edited September 2020
    it would be great if we could hear a sample of your voice to tell you more. usually, the things you need to learn in the beginning are support, pitch, cord closure etc. Ken calls these things "moving targets" in the course, and mastering them is the first segment of the course.
    Because I don't know what I need to know.
    i like this line, and this is exactly why you need to have guidance in order to learn how to sing. otherwise, you might go down routes that seem right but lead you into a dead end. like the straining of your voice that you describe. it is very dangerous to do this regularily, and you might damage your voice, maybe even permanently. so please do be careful.

    your best bet would be to get the course, if you can afford it, i would not think twice. if you can't, look on my profile, i have a sample routine that i made before i started, and it is made up of Ken's videos on YT. and if you can afford it and are not sure if it is right for you, then do "my" workout as a demo for the course. that's what got me into buying the course, it seemed like a waste of time to not start asap. i noticed an improvement after about 1-2 weeks. so i was convinced that the course would definitely help me.

    Ken has put together a system, where one step leads to the next, until you master your voice. if you do it as you do now, with little bits and pieces and information from all over the place, you dabble and might get better in some areas, but potentially at the risk of implanting bad habits, or even worse (see above), or at best, waste time having to come up with every concept from scratch (imagine trying to learn kung fu without a teacher, you would have to re-invent it, good luck with that :))

    i know i didn't give you any specific tips for your tongue and larynx, but really the tip is to do (near-) daily exercises and put in as much focus as you can. a lot of things fall into place when you learn how to eliminate those moving targets, until you have all of it under control one day. and even then, you will still have to practice to keep your voice in its best shape.
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    vedanthasvedanthas Member Posts: 3
    Thank you very much Klaus. It means a lot to me. And unfortunately I can't afford the course but I'll ensure my vocal health for sure! Your words were very kind and they gave me strength. Thanks a lot again! 😊
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