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Hello everyone. I'm looking forward to studying the course and getting some good tips. I sang in a choir when young and never carried it on. Recently I felt i needed to 'find my voice' so I took some lessons and didn't really find they helped me progress, and they were expensive too. I was encouraged to keep coming back. The main focus was on belly breathing and relaxation techniques, which helped a bit but I still felt my voice straining.
I think what I need is to find a way to keep my larynx down at all times so I can let my voice out in a much greater range. Looking forward to studying the technique and belting out some Freddy Mercury.



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358


    Ken can get you where you want to go if you pay very close attention to what he shows you and do the exercises diligently the way he instructs you.

    This will be a lifelong process for you.  You will make some advances very quickly.  Others will take months, and even years, because the improvements are always coming, as long as you continue working.

    This is the right path to the voice you've always wanted and more.

    We're here to help you along the way!



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    ahg196ahg196 Pro Posts: 2
    I appreciate your kind words Bob, and that there is no silver bullet. I'd just like to get out of the way and let my body do what I know it can.

    Looking forward to exploring

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