Hello Guys ^_^

I'm just another high school student who likes singing but can't sing well and I'm wishing to improve on that here ^_^. Sadly, none of my favorite songs are in the local karaoke machines so I don't have much feedback from my friends regarding Japanese Rock. 
Anyways, I bought the full package including 3 volumes and the pro pack and I've been working on volume one for only a few days. I watched the Video the first day, and used the audio section to exercise, but I noticed that there is also another full coverage in the bonus tracks section. Which one should I use for training?
Any other advice for a newbie would also be nice ^_^



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    Welcome to KTVA!

    You will learn a lot and be able to take this as far as you are willing to go if you do your part!

    Do the main training in the Three Volumes of How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else first. 

    If you are unsure of any of the things being taught on the videos, there are two previous versions on the bonus material, in both DUDES and DIVAS.  Use those as additional perspective. They go over much the same material, but sometimes you will "get it" from something that was explained from a slightly different angle. Also watch the new versions several times, and go back and review them again and again after a break of a few days or weeks.  You will always notice something you overlooked before while your mind was trying to process some of the information.  There is much to learn.

    When you have questions, come here and post them and we will see if we can get you some answers and feedback.



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    Thanks Bob
    That explains everything.
    One more thing that I noticed while I was just practicing. Ken mentioned stretching the chest voice as much as possible but I have two ways ofdoing it and I'm not sure if any of them are correct. The first one is just belting as hard as possible which is really fatiguing and I'm guessing this is wrong. The other one I can do is make a quite squeezy sound (probably by adding in lots of nose influence, don't know the term here. I want to know what is the correct way of stretching the chest voice as far as possible.

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    I think you should have a webcam session with Ken when stretching your chest voice. Just to be on the safe side.

    Good luck.

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    Yeah, that would be great, but as a high school student, and since singing is only going to be a hobby. I am out of money and I don't think my parents will be willing to pay for it :(  Do you think I'll get feedback if I record my singing and post it on the forum?

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    Yes, Bill,

    You will get feedback from any demos you post.

    Stretching chest is a long-term commitment.  Stretch means stretch, not strain.  Take your time and gradually try to move the place where you go no further in chest voice and give it up to heat.  Just move it up one half-step at a time, when you are able.  The higher you can take your chest voice before going into head voice, the stronger your voice will become.


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