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What to do if my confidence level is below the basement?

Hi! I've been searching to grow my voice, and though I can't really afford KTVA just now, I will work my way towards it.

My problem is, everyone recommends recording myself, even during practice, but my problem is that I have great problems with being in tune. Top that with the general "I hate my voice" phenomenon, and you get the absolute turnoff regarding any attempt to sing whatsoever.

What I'm trying to do is I hit a note on my piano, I try to replicate it, and when I think I've got it, I bust out a tuner app on my phone and adjust with that.

What are the pros and cons with each method (recording vs tuner) that you can think of?

Thanks in advance,


  • Chris82Chris82 2.0 PRO Posts: 503
    Hi there @TonyT99 ! I think both trying to match pitch with the piano and using a pitch detection app to check yourself are both great exercises to help you improve your pitch. It's going to take some time and committed practice on your part though before you really start noticing any pitch improvements. The most important thing you can do is keep at it daily for however long it takes.

    That said I think it's also important for your growth to frequently record yourself singing and practicing. It's hard for us to hear what we really sound like by using ear alone, recordings give us a better idea of what other people hear and can help us identify areas of our voice we want to improve.
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,263
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    hi, the tuner approach is not bad in itself, but to me it sounds like it does not teach you to hit the right note right off the bat (you say you adjust it as you go). after a while of proper pitch and ear training, you will be able to hear if the note is in tune, and won't need the tuner. the thing you have about recording yourself, you can easily overcome it by just recording yourself often, you don't even need to listen back to it in the beginning, just get used to the idea of being recorded. you will notice it gets easier every time. there is more to singing than just pitch, and your approach does not take any of the other things into account. also, the recording is the smallest bit of the exercises we do, the scales are the actual workout, and to monitor our progress, we record and listen back to it, but it does not replace the practicing.

    consider joining KTVA if you want to learn how to sing well. on my profile, I have a "sample routine" you could try, to see if the course is for you. i noticed an improvement after about 1-2 weeks already on these exercises.

    also, use tonedear.com for ear training, it is free

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