New Student from Canada

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My name is Terry (Gidpicker)

I play guitar and I hope to become
a better singer.

My musical preferences are Blues, Rock. Heavy Metal, Country and Bluegrass.

I am looking forward seeing our Success Stories in the Future.

Good Luck to all of you.


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    Gday mate from Australia :smile: I like rock and heavy metal too but find myself listening and singing alot of pop these days until my technique improves enough to get some real heavy grit going.
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    Welcome Terry!

    What part of Canada are you from?! I'm in Ontario! :) I love rock as well. I grew up a huge Kiss fan. I also love some of the real powerhouse pop singers. I recently recorded a cover of So What by P!nk to start applying what I've been learning with glottal compression and distortion. I also have posted on here a Jessie J tune called Mamma Knows Best which is a big belly tune as well. I look forward to hearing you sing!

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    HI Jackie and Wiggs
    Thanks for the Welcome.

    I am from Orleans Ontario.
    It is one of the suburbs of Ottawa.


    I am also a big Kiss Fan.
    I never was able to sing in their range.
    However, I watched videos of Ken
    making students do what seemed

    I would not bet money that I won't
    be doing it sometime in the future.

    Also, thanks for the Jessie J tune.
    I will listen to it.

    How long have you been taking lessons?
    I listened to some off your other videos.
    You are awesome!

    Wigs and I are in the same boat.
    I listen to a lot of pop and I sing it
    as well.

    However, I made a lot of progress in just
    a couple of weeks. I am now able to sing an octave
    higher than I could just a few weeks ago!
    Vowel modifications work miracles.

    My first sit ups I could only do five the very first day.
    Great news. I am now doing 50 and I am doing the scales at the same time.
    The books on the abdomen are also a big help.

    My routine consists of two hours of practice in the morning.
    I try to do another hour or so while practicing my guitar in the afternoon.

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    Hi @Gidpicker (Terry)

    That's great! I'm happy to hear about your progress! I've been singing for 20 years and been training for over 9 years. I've been with Ken about 3.5 years now. :) Keep up all the hard work! :)
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    My course arrived today in the mail.
    I felt like a young kid in a candy store!

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