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My name is Carlos and I´m from Ecuador. I´ve been studying the SLS method for over a year now and have gotten good results. Nevertheless I´ve experienced slow grow towards the end of said period and the problem of early bridging has become frustrating, specially in demanding songs or genres such as hard rock or metal, though I also like R&B and Blues.
I´m very happy to have found a method that "evidences" the possibility of growth as a singer, but also has a cool and supportive community.


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    pd: I forgot to ask for assistance regarding a change in my Username and primary email. They belong to the person that bought the program, which is not me. Thanks.
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    Hello, Carlos.

    It's good that you are here.  You will find that this method takes you much further with your vocal capabilities than SLS.  Be prepared to leave behind what you have been brainwashed with in sls. 

    You will have to leave that behind in order to grow.

    Regarding changing your username and primary email, please send an email explaining the old username and email and the new username and email that you want to use.

    If possible, include a copied and pasted copy of the KTVA purchase receipt as a reference.

    Send that information to [email protected]

    That should get you squared away and reset.

    Welcome to KTVA!



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    Ok, thanks Bob.
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    Hi Bob, i´m Carlos, a proud student of KTVA. I remember buying the course years ago in search for new horizons. Unfortunately a had a motorcycle accident some time after that and had to do rehab for years. Feeling almost perfect now thank to God. So, I resumed training with the method some 6 months ago, and have been seeing tremendous progress, yet the course itself as i have it, seems to be incomplete or inconsistent order.
    I have logged to the forum again as a member and im trying to download the files again, but i see no option for this. Im eager to upload my progress and get feedback since singing has been a motivation in my life and im happy to share it.
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    Hey, me again, is there a way to upgrade to the 2.0 version of the course? How much will that be?. I have VOL 1,2,3 but as i said, they´re incomplete :(
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    Requests for upgrade go to [email protected]

    To receive a discount on the upgrade you will need a receipt for a previous purchase.
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    Will do Bob, though i might have lost it due to the time that has passed. Thank You.
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