First post, Hello together

I have already bought the course in 2018. But when it didn't lead to immediate success, as I secretly hoped it would, I lost some of my enthusiasm. I started to look for other methods, and later I also had a few lessons with a classically oriented teacher.
Then it dawned on me that the methods taught here might have something to them after all, and that I had not yet exhausted the available resources (course content, this forum, personal commitment, ...)

I will now take another attempt, but this time more seriously.


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    Dear Thomas and everyone:

    This is my 2nd post, so Hello, also. I am in Alabama. I just paid for the course this morning and I am waiting on its arrival in the mail. I poked around doing research before I bit the bullet and shelled out my hard earned money. I have a question for you, Thomas. How are you defining success? I know for myself it will not be immediate in a glorious way, but parts of it will be immediate if you say baby steps with one foot in front of the other is a small immediate success. Anyway, have a great one~!

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    Hello to both of you. Thomas its good you were able to overcome the fact that KTVA didn't turn you into Mariah Carey in a week :smile: Ive been on the course full time for 2 years and im still doing volume 3. This is a long journey of constant self evaluation and improvement. Stick with it, watch the videos over and over and post your scales.
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    Hi Thomas and Diane, welcome!

    I also did a ton of research and watched a ton of Ken's free videos on YouTube before purchasing the program as well. I'm really glad I did because I felt confident with my purchase, after seeing just how knowledgable he is. I'm really glad he has tons of free content on YouTube as it is a great way for potential new students to know they will be getting their money's worth.

    Ken's methods honestly work. I've been singing for 20 years, with many many years of training, but since getting into Ken's program 3.5 years ago, my voice is finally becoming what I've always wanted it to be. Stick with it, work hard, study hard, push yourself and you will see your voice grow.

    Happy singing!
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    OK this is looking better...a place to type and a button to post - amazing. So now what? I'm from Australia though originally from Oregon, USA - that's on the West Coast just north of California. You probably already knew that, but not this: 45 years ago I came to Tasmania and stayed, thank god! I want to sing about this and other personal stuff. A total folkie and yes, I'm old, so if you share my anxiety about doing sit ups, please let me know. Even standing up was a challenge before I got my knees replaced. You get the picture. Yeah, sing and play Octar (that's a 12 string with 8 strings tuned like a mandolin. I'm trying to do a lot all at once - this is the bucket list, kids, no time to waste. LAAAAAAH
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    Welcome @DeltonHedges!!

    What an amazing story! I'm sure you have tons of insightful things to write about. Just do your best. If sit-ups are a struggle, don't let that hold you back from your training. Ken's "huffing" exercises are also great ways to find your diaphragmatic support. Just do what you can and have fun with it!

    Happy singing!
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    Thanks Jackie
    You, and Theodore Roosevelt, who said it like this: "Do what you can where you are with what you've got!"

    Anybody else in the 'singer songwriter' camp? Also another Q for you - any videos of students singing in folk/country styles? I find all this controlled belting a bit intimidating. Think Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, etc.

    Thanks for your help. BTW you can hear me at about 25 years ago on SoundCloud under "Rough Bark", generally playing guitar and joining in, but the song called 'Joe Blake' is my own and I am the principle singer. Cheers!
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