This may help

Guys I’m not sure who i will be able to help with this but hopefully someone . Someone like me who loves music , has favorite musicians of course people I see who are doing what I want . Now on this journey I’m taking to learn how to okay and express music , I’ve learned one important thing so far. There is no such thing as perfect . I’ve trained and practiced for a while and I’ve focused purely on perfection , of course trying are best to do good is great but for me , I wanted perfection and wouldn’t move on without it . I found this to be very heartbreaking and stressful hah . I can laugh because although I’ve gained knowledge and understanding on how to do my exercises , I’m moving so swiftly and nicely now because I do my exercises , make errors and fix them , then directly move forward . Hope this helps . Keep pushing through . Life as all but forever . We will get to where we NEED to be


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