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Never Took Lessons, But really motivated

mjkmjk Pro Posts: 0
Hi everyone,

A little backround about myself is that I never sang before in my life. I knew I was really bad and always thought it was something that came naturally and some people just were not meant for singing. I have always wanted to sing and recently saw a friend take huge leaps in his voice after just practicing by himself for a year or so. I hope someone with literally zero experience can understand the techniques and terminology that this course will provide. Any pointers and advice to help me would be greatly appreciated.


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353

    Welcome, mjk!

    We have many beginners here, as well as seasoned pro's.  Everybody fits in on the scale somewhere, and absolutely ALL of us are trying to improve from where we presently are.

    Watch Ken's videos over and over again.  Your mind will wander when you hear something you don't already know.  Go back and keep following along and copy everything Ken shows you, exactly the way he does it.  After you think you've learned it all, go back and go through it all again and again.  You will always catch something you missed before. 

    Practice the audio workouts daily.  Take things at your own pace, and record yourself often.  Listen to the playback and be honest with yourself.  Listening to your own recordings will really help to speed your progress. 

    Post demos on this forum when you are ready for some feedback.  We will do our best to help you along the way.  Work hard and you will get results!

    Hang on to that motivation! It will serve you well!


  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Welcome mjk! Great to have you on board with us on the KTVA ship to great singing!

    I agree with Bob on what he says! Taking your own pace is REALLY REALLY important. Don't rush it!

    Ken pretty much goes through every thing VERY clearly in his videos, if you still have any doubts / questions feel free to post on the forums! Even if it's a really basic question, questions are questions and you're here to get your answers. ;)

    The forum is a great place to exchange info with other people and even listen to other people who has posted their demos or even see people's transformations! It's amazing.

    Whenever you feel like you're facing a problem, don't hesitate to post on the forums! We're all here to help each other out ;)

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