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HELP PLS:( I have a vocal damage

Hello everyone
I'm Shayan and I'm a 17-year-old student from Iran
and I really need your help:(
It's been nearly six months that I'm feeling pain in my throat.
after visiting doctors and using medication and realizing I wasn't getting better, I went to an ENT to do a Laryngoscopy. The doctor took some photos of my vocal cords(which I'll attach with this message) and it turned out it's swollen because of acid reflux and bad use of the voice. well, I used to do harsh vocals without any instruction back in primary school. and I don't know if THAT was the thing that damaged my vocal cords or not. but it's been a year that I haven't done it.
The doctor prescribed some medications but he said "Correct singing practices can help you a lot more than medications"
but the problem is, I don't know what the correct singing practices are for healing my voice. the vocal coaches in my city are not trustworthy(cuz they can't sing right). and I'm unable to pay for online classes and private sessions.
I'm asking you to help me, singing is my dream but now my voice is damaged and it's driving me crazy and depressed. please help me and show me the way. I will be always grateful.



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