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Name's Duane! I had typed a whole thing and edited it, but now it's gone. Unsure why. Anyway, stoked to be here :D


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    A reduced version of what I had initially typed: I'm excited to improve my voice. It's taken me a long time to finally look at singing as a proper craft and not something you're just good at or not. I'm in a band where I play guitar and sing but am not a very strong singer so that's my core motivation for improving. Recently I may or may not have hurt myself attempting to sing Cochise by Audio Slave. Better now! But hopefully I can get to a point where I can sing that song without damaging myself.

    One question about the course: I'm experiencing some abdominal discomfort from inhaling and tensing over and over, mainly from the huffing exercise. Is it a common error for people to inhale too much/push their stomach out too much? Or is this something I'm just going to adapt to like finger pain when first playing guitar?

    Thanks! Looking forward to improving with everybody!
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    Welcome to the course. Grab your student access here


    You'll find plenty of discussion about that in the student area. There's no need to push your belly out to the point of pain, but it should be enough to take a proper breath.
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    Thanks! Didn't realize I had to request access!
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