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Stupid Question

Hiya, I wonder if someone can help me. I am a guitarist, doing a bit of songwriting and trying to improve my voice. When I'm singing and playing guitar at the same time, and someone says "You're completely out of key", what does this mean? I know...it's a stupid question to ask :s Thanks if someone can help.


  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,421
    No stupid questions , mate!
    I am also a guitarist, and I get it that when playing and singing at the same time, that you have to divide your brain processing power between the 2 actions. (Rubbing head and patting belly type of deal)
    What I would suggest is that you record yourself playing and singing... that way you get an unbiased accounting of what is happening. Unless you are a super freak like Phil-X, there aren't allot of people that can do both at a high level of proficiency. I always found that one or the other suffered if I tried to be the lone guitarist and vocalist. Its far easier to have a secondary guitarist so you can back off during the vocal parts.
    I digress, record yourself playing and singing the song in question, and I think you'll have your answer.


  • sjonrokz4usjonrokz4u 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,287
    This is kind of one of the most basic elements of music. You should have an understanding of this if you play an instrument. It mean the notes you are singing do not fit pitch of the chords you are playing. I’m guessing you don’t play lead just chords but it’s a concept you should know. It will be a part of your musical life forever
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,363
    it could mean that the notes you sing are slightly off (think of the "engines in sync" idea Ken talks about in the better pitch segment), but it also might mean you aren't even shooting for the right notes to begin with. or it could be a mix of both. post something for more details
  • liamroartyliamroarty 2.0 PRO Posts: 20
    Thanks guys. I know I might sound a bit thick asking this question but appreciate the feedback. I will take your advice on board :)
  • HumanRobotHumanRobot Member Posts: 242

    I guess it means if your not in key then your not in tune somewhere. Hope that helps :)
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