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Favorite singers and why they inspire me :)

So this is kind of off topic( hence the Off Topic Category was born) but my favorite singers are Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, P!nk, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Demi Lovato, Jessie J , Ariana grande,and Carrie Underwood. I love Kelly Clarkson the most because her voice is just flawless to me :) She puts emotion to what she sings. Her range is crazy!!!! You guys/gals need to check out her fan request covers, she is superb. Adam Lambert might be the only guy ( Besides Ken of course :) ) to really inspire to sing. He gives such a performance when he sings. He is like a siren, his voice goes from theatrical (which is totally me) to soft gentle and soothing. P!nk just speaks to my soul and can make me rock out or cry within a lyric. Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are just gifts from God. They can sing anything . Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande both have very beautiful voices. There songs are fun and entertaining. They are one of the few new generation singers that actually sing really well. Carrie Underwood. Amazing Country voice that is powerful. Jessie J is just pure awesomeness:)

Well yeah these are my favorite singers, what are y'alls favorite singers :)


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