Hi, I'm Jorge from Guadalajara (MX)

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Yeah, my name is Jorge, but I love cartoonish names like "xssdxtroyr666", so here I will be a RogueTrucker.

I'm starting this course this week, I'm a 30 years old male that has been always in love with music, but life put me on track as an engineer, anyway, "love finds a way" and I'm commited to really learn to sing this time (in a healty safe way).

Not really new to music, I was one year in a children choir 23 years ago, and years later while in the university joined many student rock bands (4 in total, 3 said me "adios amigo your voice doesn't fit" because the opinions of the public always were bad,). But they were right, as soon as I tried to sing rock I discovered that it was something else, something extreme compared to the choral chant, many tries with a sore throat later I leaved it.

As an engineer (with money and control over my life!) I took some lessons from local teachers at my home, but my job at a famous japanese company never allowed me to have a free life (I was working 7 days a week, 12-hours a day in those "important and urgent and delayed projects", almost lost my mind, and of course I lost my health), voice couldn't flow out with all that stress and I leaved the lessons.

I guess this is round 4 with singing, in the meantime I purchased some books and learned some basics about music, and also the very basics of recording with a pair of books "for noobs".

I record and edit using an Ipad, an interface and a mix of microphones that I have collected along the years just to look how cool they are (almost true haha), luckyly a friend of mine invited me to help him with a youtube channel last year, and gave me an excellent opportunity to use my rotting gear and to put in practice what I learned so far.

That's it, I leave my debut helping my friend with the recordings and singing a couple of covers, I just having fun, and to be honest I can`t do better right now, and I really struggled to sing and finish those recordings.



Also i'm here to improve my english :D


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