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Hi All,

I am from Turkiye and 40 years old. Singing and playing guitar has been existing my life for a long time, but time investment for music was always missing at some point. Making a living out of it has not ever seemed the best option and I placed myself out of music in my 20s to concentrate more on work. I will write much but I had to share the way this course changed my life.

3 years ago, I was very depressed. Business life did not pay much, my talents and abilities did not lead me to a better career. I became a target of envy, managers teased me for not behaving extroverted, shiny, dominant, etc. My company hired a manager to be placed between me and my manager and the newcomer had nothing to teach, lead and manage what I operate at work.
I was in such a bad mood that I did not want to go to work, had to prepare myself for half an hour everyday, usually be late for work and as a married man with a new-born baby, I was hopeless, out of option. First time in my life, I was in a situation that I need to get out of but not have any option to move. Did i mention that I was also broke, my father-in-law that I live near went bankrupt and while I could hardly balance myself, I was obliged to pay debts that had nothing to do with me? That moment, at the rock bottom, it started.

Only time I felt a little good was during the time I was sitting in my car, listening to music, trying to sing songs that I have not even realised that I can. I was a huge rockstar, hidden under a man in suits. I was that singer that rarely detonated, singer that dared to sing Dio songs. It sounds like the psychology of the man trying to survive in concentration camps, right? But here I was, singing every day on my car while going to and back from work. Some days,

But it made me find the persistance in me. I realised that at a time that I give everything up in work, nothing changes. In some level, there are things nobody handles and they remained in my hands, which is mostly depressing and disturbing. Only until you accept it as a fact and take your roots deeper and deeper; I cannot go away, remember? Then it started to change, the hired manager and every disturbing member of the team in our company went away. I was a rockstar also in that area. More details are useless here.

Meeting with Ken and KTVA helped me develop my self-confidence. If music has been a part of your life, it is a part of who you are. And considering your qualities that has the potential to turn to a workforce, flow of money are not supposed to earn you money. But you should not leave them in their place because it is a part of yourself. When you find the real you, you live your life in the way it should be. And a person should sing a lot if he/she wants to. It is not a time you steal from extra labor, it is a time your mind needs to build your stance. So I am not somebody that can invest very much time on music. It will probably not be my occupation for a long time, meybe ever. But if I did not have to work for money, I would like to spend my time to make music. So in some portion of my life, I will live as a musician. Only I don't know when.

I write a lot because I both wanted to tell everyone how Ken and his program aided me in my life. Also I wanted to point out the fact that I will be a KTVA student that will not work as a musician in short term. But people should know that if they experienced music, they should never let it go.

I know an ex-colleague that used to play bass guitar so well that his instructor, bass player of one of the most famous bands in Turkiye, was seeing him as his successor. But he said it he concluded his musical side, he has another job, etc. Months later, he was taken out of the job in an age that was too late for him to start anything new. What a pity, right?

I envy many of those who has the luxury to make music any time for any amount of time and earn their living at the same time. I hope I will have the courage to share my video and sound recordings on these pages; I explain that long so that I have permanent place to tell why I talk so much about business stuff and I have limited time.


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    bentkbentk Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,650

    Thank you for sharing this. It's very personal for you and really shows what KTVA did for you. Singing is also a bright thing in my life which i slowly build on.

    If you need any help with your singing and exercises, always remember that there are loads of people here to help you out. See you around the forum!

    All the best,

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    sjonrokz4usjonrokz4u 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,287
    That’s the power of music. I played in Ankara and Izmir I believe in 2002
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