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Chest Voice

Hello everybody! :)
I am in the process of saving up for the course plus pro packs and I think it will take me few months to succeed, but in the mean time I would like to grow my chest voice so it’s strong and I don’t wanna bridge to early just like Ken suggested.

I’ve been singing for three months for an hour a day with a local couch and and I’ve also practice with what’s online but these “couches” suggest bridging in their warm ups.

In my daily
practice I usually do major scale note of LAH and other vowels but even if I do them all few times it takes me 10-12 mins. I also do this “LAH” exercise from Kens video on Chest https://youtu.be/P9J3iEn4Gqc and it takes me few minutes and then I’m done, should i do more vowels of this exercise from this video so I add few minutes to my practice?

With two of these exercises i’m Done after 20 minutes maximum and then I warm up with other online coaches (which is a Treason - I know) i usually do this for another 40 minutes -

I’m really careful with my support, use of too much air, and especially open throat technique. I’m into Rock but as I understand i have to built a strong chest without bridging.

Can anybody help me? What else can I do until I get the course?


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