Just starting out with vocals

Hi, I'm Diana and live in the United States. I retired from the corporate world and started learning to play guitar about three years ago. I have lots of friends who have encouraged me along the way. I started taking voice lessons a few months ago; but there's been a lot of scheduling challenges. I learned a lot from her. One of my friends asked me to play with them at a local pizza restaurant. Given that was my first real public performance, I did get a little nervous. My voice range reduced and I cracked at points. I also sang a little softer than I should. I'm over the trauma :) and ready to go again. My friend invited me to play during his break on Friday this week at a local hotel bar, so I'm getting another opportunity to improve.

I'm excited to take the course. I'd love to jump to Volume 4 on Head Voice, but I'm planning to follow the schedule. I've already started Volume 1 as I continue downloading the course.

Looking forward to the challenge!


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