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Disturbed Sound of Silence live

Hi all
After Ken looked at the vocals for this, I went on to look for a live version. Found this...https://g.co/kgs/Bvdo7d
What a performance. Thing I wanted some discussion on though is, he never seems to move away from the microphone at any point! This (at least in the way its performed) is a VERY dynamic song. What's happening here? Is his power being controlled by back room tech guys or can he keep the same volume but add his distortion technique whenever he chooses? I dont think the latter is possible but I'm more than willing to be educated on this man's great voice!


  • esequiboesequibo Member Posts: 47
    You can scream all you want to a mic but if the levels of gain are being checked you wouldn't clip it. Also things like compressors keep similar levels in the performance etc. Obviously the guy knows how to sing and is in control. more than likely he is listening to himself through phones in real time. If it's a tv show don't expect home quality recording.
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