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KTVA = Bel Canto base + Ken's experience + Ron Anderson's techniques

I have read a lot about KTVA vs SLS vs Bel Canto. I appreciate and understand your thoughts, logic, intellect, demonstrated experience and passion for the key elements of KTVA methodology.
In order to complete the entire picture for me, would it be possible to give some background on your time with Ron Anderson and his philosophy, teachings, but more importantly,
i) what aspects of his teachings you have included
ii) how and why they fit
iii) what you have omitted from Ron's teachings.

I like your saying about "checking in your previous knowledge at the door" because there is a lot of contradicting information out there. I have my own saying, which you'll find at the bottom of this passage.
I started singing (with no prior experience) in May 12 and have spent a year or so researching singing/vocals.
In my opinion there are 4 techniques being taught
1. The "I Have No Idea" methodology - putting together bits and pieces from anywhere/everywhere in order to sell CDs
2. "Operatic/BelCanto" methodology - lots of material varying in degrees of good to bad
3. "SLS" - Seth Riggs' and the hundreds of copy cats

I played about with methods 1,2,3 because they were better than nothing, but i had not committed myself to them.
My intuition regarding methodologies 1,2,3 was that they just felt 'wrong'. At the time i couldn't say why. I just knew that something fundamental was missing.
I found KTVA last, watched all the free videos on youtube, read everything that was publicly available and then lamented for a few weeks before i acquired the entire KTVA package.
Thank God I did. You and the KTVA methodology is a real deal. What is missing from the other methods is (a) the ability to demonstrate, i.e. actually sing, and (b) giving full explanation of how, where, why, when, etc.
My saying "You can only serve ONE Master. When it comes to singing, Ken Tamplin is it"

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