2nd Year Anniversary on KTVA

Hi everyone! This post is meant to celebrate my 2nd year anniversary on KTVA. Christmases become more special due to the fact that I purchased the online course on one Christmas as a treat to myself and I haven't looked back ever since. As a custom, I'll be sharing my singing that I will hopefully look back one day to measure my progress.

Before I share my songs, I want to thank everyone who has played a role, no matter how small, in my journey to become a better singer. There are those who have given me feedback on Lah which is one of the bigger reasons for my progress. There are also those who have given feedback to my singer to assignments here. In addition, people have been supportive and given me encouragement along the way. I wish to thank all of you! I would list your names but you know who you are and I'd be embarrassed if I missed anyone.

Now, I had planned on doing 6 songs for this post but I decided on 5 in the end. Note that these are my best attempts so far of songs I enjoy and they have lots of room for improvement. I want to one day come back to these and think to myself the difference in my singer over the years. For those curious, the 6th song was a rap and it didn't even meet my standards so I didn't include it.

A bit on my journey so far. Thus far, it feels like I've been largely fixing my bad habits. Therefore, my progress isn't that obvious to those who haven't heard me over the last two years. However, I never held the illusion that this would be a quick journey. I know that consistency and hard work are a must. Therefore, I've been streaming my singing every day in addition to doing an hour of scales off stream to practice. I still have a long way to go but it's been a very fun journey so far. After all, I'm sure many share the love of music which is likely what's bringing us together on this forum.

Without further ado, let's get to my 5 songs. I did them on three separate occasions as you'll notice with the text.



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