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I just started the course today. I am very excited. I have purchased so many courses, I might be right up there with Ken himself as far as the amount of money I have spent, lol. Brett Manning, Singorama, Chris Liepe, Roger Burnley, Robert Lunte, every single Udemy course, Matt Ramsey, Jaime Vendera, Sophie Shear, and the list just goes on and on.

I have started to realize that these methods just do not work. The SLS gets me good results on the actual exercises, but when I go to sing songs, my throat tightens and I am stuck in chest.

Basically, Ken's course is my last attempt. I have a lot of hope! Over the years of trying out all of these courses, I have watched some of Ken's youtube videos and have always wondered. Years ago, my guitar instructor had recommended Ken's course and I wish that I followed his advice. I just always figured Ken's course is geared towards rock. I mean I love rock, love Led Zep and all those 70s bands and yeah it would be great to be able to sing those songs, but always knew my voice would never be strong enough. I normally listen to more folk music, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and like Gram Parsons, Neil Young type stuff. But the SLS singing is just not helping even with that type of music. So it is time to take the plunge! I am so excited! If my voice becomes strong enough to pull off Led Zep or Janis Joplin I will be even more thrilled. I just want to be able to sing without feeling choked off and stuck in chest voice.


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    Hi, @leatieri75

    I took almost all of the courses you listed, plus several others that you didn't list before taking the Tamplin plunge. Immediately I knew that the others were almost COMPLETE WASTES OF TIME, and certainly of MONEY.

    But it was so good to know that THIS ONE was what I had been looking for all along.

    You will be able to apply what you learn from Ken to any genre you want to sing. You'll just learn to operate your voice with a lot more skill than you ever did with any of those other courses.

    Do be aware that it is important to begin to take the feelings and principles you are learning in the exercises and APPLY them when you stop exercising and start singing songs. But these methods DO apply when singing actual songs.

    Welcome to the home of your new voice. The one you've been looking for. Roll up your sleeves and give it your all. You'll appreciate it when you begin to notice subtle, then not-so-subtle changes in your singing voice. You'll know it's real when people start remarking about it, asking what you have changed.

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    I feel lucky the first course I picked was KTVA
    and it's working for me. I guess the biggest thing to take note of when you start is to leave your prior knowledge at the door and have an open mind with what you are about to learn. I'm looking forward to hearing you, if you listen to any of the student demos in the student area, you'll find an example of nearly every genre applying to these methods, not just rock 🙂
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