Greetings. Im Benz 39 from Malaysia.

Hello everybody.

I love music and love to sing. And when the pandemic lockdown started, i download a karaoke app that lets you sing with other singers online.

Only after using the app i noticed boy do i suck! So after doing a bit of searching on youtube, i stumbled upon ken tamplin vocal academy channel and i just loved the way he explains and teaches everything.

It should be roughly 6 months that i am practicing what he is teaching for free in his youtube. And been doing the practices on and off but singing in the karaoke app almost everyday.

I can clearly say that after practicing the free lessons in the youtube channel, my friends said that my singing has improved tremendously.

I can hit high notes before but this time im able to hit it without difficulty and it sounds better. Been rocking songs like aerosmith, bon jovi, and many others in the app. Nowhere near as ken's students of course LOL but hey at least its something right?

I hope to further improve myself so that i can give pleasure to people who listen to me singing.


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