Hello form Wales, Uk

Hi all. Just a quick intro about me. I'm a guitarist and have been playing for quite a few years, also write songs and play in an acountil duo. I've never had the confidence to sing really tried backing vocals a few times but just cringed at the sound of my voice which put me off. But I'm determined to improve and have fun learning and using my voice. I'd love to be able to sing the songs I write so that I can perform them and also sing harmonies in the band.

I'm about 3 or 4 days into the course and love it I can't wait to to practice each day its really given me a lot of motivation, at the moment I manage about 2/3 hrs per day. By the end of it my voice is pretty tired and have to rest, I guess that I need to build stamina.

Anyway, great to be here and meet everyone, a happy and healthy 2021 to you all.


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